WatchX provides a service that allows you to view all information on a single page,
Including reviews of movies or available streaming platforms. Also provide their own streaming services.
Product Design
Sep.2021 - Dec.2021


Many people have been watching movies at home since the pandemic. In this situation, I have to search every time for how much or under what conditions I stream the movies on which streaming site.
In this project, when I search for the movie I want to see through the app, It shows on which platform
and under what conditions they provide streaming services, and links them to that platform.
In addition, people can leave reviews or stars for the movie, so when people search for the movie,
they can know other people’s opinions about what kind of movie it is or the style of the movie.

market research

While the growth of Video Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video is not over,
we assume that the adoption of such services will soon reach its peak, especially in developed countries.
New offers such as Apple TV+ might attract new customers, but the general lack of willingness to pay
in huge potential markets like China will cap the growth in this segment on a global scale.
The coronavirus pandemic, far from being a detriment to the industry as it has to its neighbors
(cinemas, film studios), has produced a surge in subscribers and revenue.
The Growth of Live Streaming in 2021
  • Live videos hold users’ attention 10-20x longer than pre-recorded, on-demand content.
  • Of all people who report that they watch live streams, 7 out of 10 of them tune in to a live stream daily.
  • Younger generations (Gen Z and Millenials) spend more time streaming, whereas older people
    (Boomers and Gen Xers) watch more broadcast TV.
  • Professionals anticipate that 82% of internet use will be for streaming video by 2022
  • Professionals also anticipate that 79% of mobile users will be for streaming video by 2022
Netflix, Amazon and other streaming services spent almost all their content budget acquiring older TV shows and movies,
which had already been released on television or in the cinema. 
With this move Netflix, Amazon and Hulu began publishing their own shows.
This major turning point encourage subscription and create massive contents through the world.

user research

Q. 9 questions
  • How do you find 'What to watch'?
  • How much spend time to find 'What to watch'?
  • How many days do you use any streaming service?
  • How many platform are you subscribing for streaming service?
  • How much spend your money for pay all your streaming service?
  • Do you think it is reasonable consume?
  • Which platform do you use to find reviews?
  • How much do you care about the reviews?
  • Have you ever had any inconvenience experience to searching contents?

user insight

People use their streaming service 6 days a week. 60% of participation answered 7 days.
People pay around $25 per month for using their streaming service.
50% of people are using THREE
streaming platforms to watch movies.
80% people answered they using
google or any review website for find 'what to watch'
Most of people spend over 30 minutes to finding 'What to watch'
People have experienced inconvenience when they searching contents
60% people answered they care about the reviews.
Q. How much do you care about the reviews?
Q. Which device do you use the most for streaming services?
Q. Which platform do you use to find reviews?
Google or any social media.
Q. Which device do you use the most for searching contents?


A huge amount of content pours through the multitude of streaming services we use every day.
  1. It takes a long time to find a movie or TV show that suits your taste.
  2. Every piece of content has a different streaming service site with different prices,
       so it’s difficult and time-consuming to choose the right service.
  3. People don’t actually use review websites or apps.
  4. People feel that it’s inconvenient to choose content to watch, and reviews of that content.


WatchX provides a service that allows you to view all content information on a single page, including available streaming platforms and reviews of movies and streaming services.
Focus on making Smart TV and Smart phone app for the service



Helen is a student who came to the United States from a small town in England to study. She is studying English Literature in the US and wants to become a screenwriter. From an early age, she liked to watch TV dramas, movies, and plays. These days, She is interested in seeing a lot of self-produced content on many platforms. She sometimes feels homesick, but whenever she does, she enjoys watching TV shows and movies from her country. She is also interested in Asian as well as Western content. Recently, she watched Squid Game on Netflix.


Thompson is currently working as a graphic designer in San Francisco. He is from Sacramento, CA. But he loves being in the city of San Francisco so much and he is very passionate about his work. He has been working from home since the pandemic began. In his spare time, he enjoys his hobby: watching movies. There are so many different types of dramas out these days, so he watches TV shows all night long. He subscribes to several streaming platforms and services.

IA map

IA map (SmartTV)

logo sketches

final logo

style guide


SF Compact Display

Color Palette


competitive analysis

Prime video
Apple TV
These three streaming site has the content list on their homepage.
Also, their original content or latest content are shown on the top of the page.
To differentiate it from other sites or to give the recognition that it is the best search streaming site, the first main screen is designed as a search page.

The list of most recommended movies based on my list or data is placed at the top of the page and on the main page.
On the content’s page, all of them don’t have any other streaming option part.
Prime video-that has a rating system by their user.
Netflix-Only users can touch the like button but can’t see others or average ratings.
Apple TV- they provide rotten tomatoes rate.
On the contents page, the site icons, which are available streaming and people subscribed, are placed. When you press the corresponding icon, it automatically links to the site and starts the streaming service.

It allows people to rate and see other people's reviews or ratings. It also shows the rating of a professional review sites.


lo-fi design

Smart Phone
Our goal is to show what kind of movie it is, which streaming sites have this movie and its reviews with a single search. Therefore, to emphasize a convenient movie search engine, the home page was designed based on the search box.
By analyzing the data in an integrated manner, This top page will show you the most recommended movies.
You can choose a movie while sliding through the actual movie poster.
Based on the streaming service you subscribe to and link with our app, We will show you the list of recommendations based on the movie data you have seen so far, along with the lists on other linked streaming sites.
By clicking this button, you can make your own watchlist.
Your watchlist will be shown in My Page section,
Based on the streaming service you subscribe to and link with our app, this movie page shows an available streaming site's icon.In addition, each of the sites' icons links to that site directly.
Watched contents page
Smart TV

user testing

user for mobile

  • It would be nice to change the first main page to a content page.
  • Also, it would be nice to remove my page from the menu and leave it sticky above the right.
  • Trying to remove the menu below by leaving the search button and my page button sticky on the top right.
  • The buttons on the content page feel too small. In addition, it would be nice to make the streaming site icon more visible.
  • Choosing a favorite genre seems too additional, and instead, I want to finish signing up quickly and see the content page.

user for SmartTV

  • It would be better to have one sentence each on the first login page.
  • It would be better if there was sticky menu on the content page.
  • I think it would be better to put the title per list on my page.
  • It would be better to move the share button and add my list button to another place on the content detail page.

final design