Time & Gradation
시간과 농도

Time & Gradation
시간의 농도

UI Designer
June - August 2021
South Korea
The exhibition, which will be held at Ashoka Space, will be directly participated by matching 10 fellows who help connect generations.
When you enter the exhibition hall and put the questions you want among the randomly listed questions, the analysis shows what type you are and what kind of fellows you fit well with.


It does UI design of apps to make it easier for audiences to participate in the exhibition.
They make apps that the elderly can easily participate in.
It's an exhibition where people participate, so we need to design something more fun.

Client’s Needs

The client wanted to use the purple color scheme and quotation mark on the result page.
There was a color that symbolized each fellow.

final design

question room

Select questions on the floor and walls in the exhibition space and put each question's number on your Time&Gradation app.

You can see what type of person you are and which fellow you are like in the Ashoka Foundation.

What type are you?

The questions you choose will tell you what type of person you are
through the results page.
Before entering the next room, you can check what kind of room you enter and what kind of experience you have on the screen using the QR code.