project overview

Design interior and exterior of virtual exhibition with Curat10.
This exhibition is composed of the five colors and senses that centers around the auditory and olfactory senses because invisible and synesthetic elements such as sound and scent is one of the key elements (much like the invisible air) that have sustained Korean crafts. Interpretation of Korean crafts that has thus far been based on its visual-usage-touch will be expanded into the invisible territory, and the essence of Korean aesthetics that lead to self-reflection through experience will be revisited. Through this effort, the exhibition aims to confirm that the Korean aesthetics is much more diverse, flexible and open than the handicraft tradition or modern-day mechanical aesthetics that we know. It is also the goal of this project to not only reinterpret and expand Korean craft tradition but also to resonate with modern craft as well as everyone living in this age of artificial intelligence.
2021 Korea Craft & Design Foundation

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design process

Procreate, illustrator, Photoshop
Measure and sketched both interior and exterior of the exhibition.
Curated artwork and decorated it with design elements.
Set the overall typography.
Choose a color scheme and texture for every element.